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Adjust The Sprayer, Starting With Low Pressure

Jun 03, 2017

The thickness of the paint will determine the proper pressure setting on the sprayer. Start with the pressure on low and make a pass on a scrap piece of cardboard or rosin paper. If the pressure is too low, the spray pattern will be uneven and there'll be “fingers” on the edges. Keep upping the pressure until you get a nice, even spray pattern with a consistent edge. If the pressure is all the way up and the pattern is still weak, you may have to go up one tip size.

Keep the Sprayer Gun Perpendicular to the Wall

To achieve a consistent layer of paint, the tip of the sprayer should be held about 12 in. from the surface and the gun should always remain perpendicular to the wall. This technique is the foundation for a professional finish. It seems tricky at first, but after only a few passes you'll be painting like a pro. Practice on a low­-visibility wall until you get the hang of it.