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White City for the trunk North use a sprayer save 28 days

Feb 01, 2016

Reporters learned that approaching winter, trees often requires "change clothes", mainly used for pest control and protection against the cold. New powder coating can effectively prevent freezing injury of winter garden trees, "because white has a reflective effect, less heat, trees not being too obvious effects for big temperature difference between day and night, can reduce sunburn, frost. "Zhang Shijie to introduce, in addition, white can destroy the aliens in the garden tree trees winter on pests and pathogens, and because major drug in powder coated lime-sulphur and lime has a role in insect sterilization can kill Parasitic fungi and bacteria trying to overwinter in the trunk. And pests like to hide in dark, dark place, doesn't like white, so they can't crawl the trunk or the aliens. According to Zhang Shijie statistics, each white time save 80 trees in the second. Tried for the first time, new 6 pieces of equipment, spraying the area more than 30,000 trees, arithmetic, that altogether can save 2.4 million seconds, about 667 hours, even by working 24 hours a day, and also saves about 28 days time.