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What are marking machines?

Feb 21, 2019

Marking machine, a road construction machine that is widely used on roads, highways, parking lots, plazas and runways to draw different restrictions, guidelines and warnings on the flat ground. The marking machine has played a huge role in urban planning and road construction with its advantages of fastness, efficiency and accuracy, and has saved the construction period and economic investment of the road construction to the greatest extent.

According to the classification of the device carrier:

Vehicle-mounted marking machine: driving seat type, driving the front and rear device of the car body, used for large-scale engineering, long-distance construction marking, operators need to understand driving technology, drive walking, save time and effort.

Self-service marking machine: The hand-held driving type, the machine itself has a driving device, self-propelled walking, no need for manual assistance, and is applied to large and medium-sized projects, short-distance construction with inconvenient vehicle-mounted operation, and is smart and easy to operate.

Hand-pushing type marking machine: hand-assisted force form, manual push-up skating device, manpower walking, applied to small-scale engineering, short-distance construction, convenient and flexible operation.

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