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What are airless spray guns?

Aug 02, 2018
HB136 Professional High Pressure Paint Spray Gun 500Bar

Airless spraying uses a booster pump in the form of a plunger pump or a diaphragm pump to pressurize the liquid paint, and then deliver it to the airless spray gun through a high pressure hose. Finally, the hydraulic pressure is released at the airless nozzle, and the spray is instantaneously atomized. A coating film layer is formed on the surface of the object to be coated. Because the paint does not contain air, it is called airless spray, referred to as airless spray.

Airless spraying machines are widely used in Europe, America and the world, and have become the primary problem faced by coatings manufacturers. Many domestic painters are equipped with high-pressure airless spraying equipment such as Germany and the United States, which consolidate and continue to increase their market share and increase their Advanced and efficient service content. Today, high pressure airless spraying has become a hot topic in the coatings industry.