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Tips For High Pressure Airless Spraying

Apr 20, 2020

Pressure control during spraying

When spraying, it is recommended to start from a low-pressure state and gradually increase the pressure to get the best atomization effect. If "trailing" or "layering" is found in the spraying effect, it is necessary to increase the working pressure. If the working pressure has been added to the maximum, but there is still a "tail" or "layer", in this case, should choose a smaller spray nozzle. In addition, before the formal spraying work, it can be on the waste paper board spraying effect test.

Distance control during spraying

The spray gun should be 12 inches (approximately 30 cm) away from the surface to be sprayed, both horizontally and vertically. When choosing a larger nozzle, it is necessary to increase the distance between the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed. During the spraying process, it is necessary to ensure that the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed remain level at all times. If the Angle between the spray gun and the surface to be sprayed is generated, the spraying effect will produce an obviously unbalanced thickness.

Trigger technique in the spraying process

The gun trigger needs to be pressed 1~2 seconds after the gun is moved and 1~2 seconds after the trigger is released. The advantage of doing this is that you can avoid piling up so much paint at the beginning and the end that it is noticeably thicker than the middle.

Coating lap technique in the spraying process

During the spraying process, the gun should be aligned to the edges of the previous spray so that the second spray covers 50% of the area of the first spray. When spraying a larger area, you can spray around the border, and finally complete the middle part.

Nozzle type and film thickness

For nozzles with the same diameter and different spray widths, the film thickness of the small spray widths is the thickness.

Method of holding and posture of the spray gun

A hand: take hold of the spray gun do not hold A large full, ring finger and little finger gently hold the gun handle, index finger and middle finger hook the machine, the gun grip in the tiger mouth, the upper body relaxed, the shoulder to sink, so as to avoid time long, wrist and shoulder fatigue.

B, eye: the eye should follow the gun when spraying, where the gun, where the eye too, not only to find the gun to the location but also to pay attention to the formation of the film and the spray beam.

C. Body: the distance between the spray gun and the object surface and the vertical injection Angle is mainly ensured by the body. The movement of the airbrush should assist the movement of the arm with the body likewise, it cannot move wrist only, but the wrist wants agile.

The operation and use of the spray gun mainly pay attention to three problems: gun pitch, spray fan Angle, spray gun running direction and speed. The quality of spraying has a lot to do with personal habits, spraying skills also need to be better understood in the actual spraying.