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What should I pay attention to when using airless sprayer?

Jan 09, 2019

What should I pay attention to when using airless sprayer?

1. Do not modify the equipment. Also do not exceed the maximum working pressure of the system.

2. Check the equipment daily and repair or replace the old, damaged parts immediately.

3. Read the warnings provided by the paint and solvent manufacturer to verify that the paint and solvent used should be suitable for the location where the equipment is exposed.

4. Do not use high pressure hoses to drag and drop equipment. Also, do not let high-pressure hoses pass through crowded areas, sharp edges, moving objects, and hot surfaces.

5. Comply with all relevant fire, electricity and safety regulations in all localities and countries.

6. Do not aim the spray gun at anyone or any part of your body. Do not put your hands or fingers on the nozzle. Also do not use your hands, body, gloves or rags to block cracks or leaks.

7. High-pressure paint sprayed into the skin may seem like a wound, but it is a serious injury, please see a professional doctor immediately.

8. Before operating the equipment, tighten all the fittings and make sure that the gun trigger is safe to operate. When you stop spraying, lock the gun.

 9. Check the high-pressure hose and connection parts every day, replace the damaged parts immediately, do not repair the connection parts of the high-pressure hose, and replace the entire high-pressure hose.

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