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Mortar spraying machine new opportunities and challenges for 2016

Feb 01, 2016

National ready-mixed mortar industry, increasing labor costs, as well as building wall plastering construction quality, efficiency and constant improvement of environmental requirements, the traditional manual plastering construction is gradually losing the advantages of low cost and low efficiency of labor and construction defects are gradually showing, traditional plastering and contradiction between social development today. Mechanization spray plastering mortar (the spray) plastering construction technology is made up of traditional handmade plaster defects of construction method of a new type of plastering mortar, plastering construction is the future development of new directions. Machine sprayed plaster has a mature technology in foreign countries, and there is a lack of research on this technology.

Plastering machine sprayed plaster compared to traditional manual has the following advantages:

(1) good quality of construction, plastering and grass-roots bonding;

(2) can significantly improve productivity, reduce labor intensity;

(3) saving of material loss during construction. Domestic spray technology behind mainly in three aspects: lack of product research and development, fuel injection spray mortar equipment behind and lack of machine construction technology of spraying. Articles from three aspects, analysis Taiwan ready-mixed mortar for plastering machines injection technology development trend.