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Home decoration, good assistant, make life beautiful

Jun 25, 2019

Home decoration, good assistant, make life beautiful

 With the advancement of the times, the development of science and technology. Nowadays, many new things have seriously affected our lives, making our lives more convenient. Take the house problem that we are all concerned about. In the past, we still used our own hands to scrape the putty, wasting manpower and time, and made ourselves full of dirty.

Why choose sprayer

And now many times you can use the machine instead. Many of our work has gradually been replaced by machines. Why? Because machines are less likely to be in error and more efficient than people.

First, artificial brush putty

When we manually put putty, we encounter a special position like a corner, which may be a bit more troublesome. But if you use the machine directly to spray putty, it is relatively easy. When the putty is manually scraped, some putty slag may fall on the ground. After the entire wall is finished, the ground may be dirty.

However, if the machine is used for spraying, there is basically no need to worry that the putty will fall to the ground, and the wall will remain clean and tidy after the construction.

How to choose a sprayer

There are several factors that may need to be considered to find a suitable sprayer. Not all machines will meet all your job requirements. Choosing the right sprayer for an operation requires knowledge of the material you are spraying and your spray job requirements.

HB-1395 electric airless spraying machine

HB-1395 electric airless spraying machine adopts 7.3L large flow of 4000W high-power motor, which allows you to spray the ideal work in less time. In medium and large construction spraying, you can save time and earn more. More money.

HB795-electric airless spraying machine

The HB795-electric airless sprayer is the largest portable sprayer on the market. It is environmentally friendly and time-saving. It allows you to operate at home easily, with exquisite workmanship and portability.

GP8300-engine high pressure airless spraying machine

In this technologically advanced society, are you still manually painting the walls? The efficiency of the airless sprayer is higher than that of manual construction, and it is easy to spray the wall.

This is a large-flow sprayer that can spray a variety of common paints and can be used in construction environments where there is no power source, such as tunnels, bridges and other outdoor operations. Putty spray construction can be carried out after switching to TX (HD) for many years.

Every spray equipment is highly refined and carefully selected. It is one of the best in terms of quality and efficiency. Good products bring you a good experience. Simple operation allows you to ask for no one. Earn more money more easily.

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