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High-Pressure Airless Spraying

Apr 02, 2020

High-pressure airless spraying is to pressurize the paint to a pressure of 9.8MPa-29.4MPa by a pressure pump, and then spray it out through the small hole of the special olive-shaped nozzle. This high-pressure paint flow bursts out of the nozzle and enters the atmosphere, and then immediately cracks. Swells and breaks up into a very fine paint mist sprayed directly onto the surface of the workpiece. Because the paint is pressurized to high pressure by a high-pressure pump, and the paint itself is not mixed with compressed air, which is completely different from the air spraying using compressed air to atomize the paint, it is called airless spraying.

The development of airless spraying technology and equipment has expanded the application fields of airless spraying, and has been widely used in ships, vehicles, steel structures, bridges, petroleum, petrochemical, construction and machinery industries. It is one of the most widely used coating methods. Modern shipyards are almost completely dependent on airless spraying.

Since the advent of airless spraying technology in the 1950s, airless spraying technology and equipment have maintained rapid development, especially the rapid growth of the shipbuilding industry and construction industry, which has further promoted the leap of airless spraying technology.