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High Pressure Airless Spraying

Sep 05, 2019

At present, the most popular way in China is to use high-pressure airless spraying process. The working principle of high-pressure airless spraying is to pressurize the paint to 210 kg/square cm, through the nozzle to atomize the paint into small particles, directly spray to the surface of the coating a spraying method, high-pressure airless spraying in Europe and the United States and other countries have been widely used, it has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent surface quality: it is the coating pressure spray into fine particles, so that it evenly distributed on the wall surface, so that latex paint in the wall to form a smooth, smooth, dense coating, which is brush, roll and other original methods can not match.

2. Satisfactory construction effect: its spraying efficiency is up to 300 ~ 500 square meters/hour, saving labor time and accurately calculating the completion date.

3. Improve coating adhesion, extend coating life: it USES high pressure spray atomization to make coating particles obtain strong kinetic energy, coating particles through this kinetic energy shot into the pores, thus making the coating more compact, and the wall of mechanical bite strength enhancement, adhesion increase, effectively extend the coating life.

4. Save artificial brush coating thickness uneven, generally between 30 and 200 microns, emulsioni paint coating thickness is commonly 30 microns (GB), so the artificial brush paint effective utilization rate is low, more important is to brush marks affect the surface quality and handle, choose high-pressure airless spraying process, coating thickness uniformity, high effective utilization, relative to other coating way can save coating is about 15% ~ 25%.

5. Applicable to a wide range of coatings: can spray high viscosity paint, without excessive water. Especially good at high-grade interior wall paint construction. Such as: all kinds of high light, medium light, eggshell light, mercerizing, matt and "three in one", "five in one" and other high - and mid-range coatings.