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High pressure Airless spraying machine

Feb 01, 2016

High pressure Airless spraying machine for its significant advantages were granted access to persons of all ages, the advantages of high pressure Airless spraying machine:

1, save the coating. Brush thickness is uneven, generally 30-250 Micron, low utilization ratio of paint, airless spray is easy to get the coating thickness of 30 microns, characteristically reduced coating.

2, excellent surface quality. Spray coating smooth, luster, tight roll, no brush marks, scars, and particles.

3, extend coating life. High pressure airless paint particles wall voids, occlusal film into the wall, enhance paint adhesion, to extend the service life.

4, high coating efficiency. Spraying efficiency up to 500-1200 square meters, is 10 times more than traditional drum construction, is more than 3 times times the air compressor for spray.

5, easily overcoming gaps and uneven corners, hard brush area.