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high pressure airless spray gun

Sep 07, 2018
High Pressure Paint Spray Gun

High pressure airless spray gun is a promising high-efficiency spraying method. Unlike air spraying, it uses a high-pressure pump to pressurize the paint to about 15 mpa and then eject it through a special nozzle orifice. When the high-pressure paint leaves the nozzle and reaches the atmosphere, it immediately expands violently, and is atomized into a very fine fan-shaped airflow to the object surface. High pressure airless spray gun is not only suitable for spraying ordinary paints, but also suitable for spraying high-viscosity paints. Compared with general air-spraying, it has the following advantages:

A. The efficiency is about 2 times higher than that of ordinary spraying, and the coating loss is extremely small. (provincial materials)

B. The coating film has a thick film thickness, high hiding rate, good quality, high smoothness and strong adhesion.

C, small equipment, convenient handling, small compressor and light weight.

D. Less paint mist, improved working conditions and improved safety.

E, can spray higher viscosity paint, saving expensive thinner.