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For the first time to buy a putty powder spraying machine, pay attention to the following six points is enough!

Jun 26, 2019

For the first time to buy a putty powder spraying machine, pay attention to the following six points is enough!

With the rapid development of the industrial age, the traditional manual work has been unable to meet the delivery schedule of the project. Many construction workers have begun to choose the automatic spray putty machine, and then the quality of the spray putty machine on the market is mixed, resulting in many workers not choosing. Know how to choose? A small amount of spray putty machine is tens of thousands of thousands of large, once you buy an inappropriate spray putty machine, not only the loss of money, but also the construction period will delay the construction period, then in the process of purchasing, how to choose Is the spray putty machine suitable for your own work? Note that the following six points are sufficient.

Home Airless Painting SprayerCompany size: Good products require strict production processes. Companies without scale can't produce better products. When customers choose machines, they choose companies. Whether a company can produce excellent products depends on the scale of the company. And the formality, if conditions permit, the customer should go directly to the door when confirming the required machine, to facilitate mutual understanding, build trust, and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Workplace: The first thing to consider is the site of your own construction. Many construction parties ask you how much to spray your putty machine when you call us. It is often neglected that it is not the most expensive, but it is suitable for you. In the best, the customer first considers whether the machine is mainly used for home decoration or large-scale engineering construction, and selects the appropriate machine according to the size of the construction area.

Power system: The second consideration is the power system. The spray putty machine is generally divided into three types according to the power system: pure gasoline power system: mainly suitable for spraying in places where industrial power cannot be provided, pure electric power system: general It is used in the home improvement industry, and the hybrid power of oil and electricity: it can use electricity and gasoline to meet the needs of various places.

Spraying materials: According to the materials selected during construction, some machines can spray paste-like putty and high-viscosity materials, some can spray putty, paint, latex paint, waterproof paint, etc., spray putty machine produced by Jin Chu spraying, one The machine can be sprayed with different materials to meet the different needs of the majority of construction bosses.

 Price: The birth of the spray putty machine has greatly reduced the manpower demand, which has saved the construction boss a large cost in the use of the person. A spray putty machine can easily spray the area of 2000 to 3000 square meters a day, which is higher than the manual construction efficiency. Double, so the price is bound to be high, so when choosing a machine, you should choose according to your needs.

After-sales service: the same price than the product, the same product than the performance, the same performance than the service, the company that can make a good product is a lot of companies, the company that can make the service to the extreme is very rare, just like the hot pot of the sea fishing, the customer is When choosing a spray putty machine, you must choose a regular after-sales service company. When the machine fails to solve the problem, you can contact the after-sales personnel for help in the first time to minimize the loss.

When selecting the machine, the majority of workers can refer to the above-mentioned points for selection. If necessary, they can go to the door to test the machine. After comprehensive consideration, they can purchase it. Only when they can choose the machine that suits them, it is not cheap. I hope that the majority of workers can solve the doubts when choosing a machine.