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Features of Paint Sprayers

Aug 24, 2018
Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Walls EP350

There are many types of paint sprayers and accessories: Spray guns, spray glue machines, glue applicators, arc spray paint machines, high pressure airless paint sprayers (such as sy2200 electric paint sprayers), two-component spray paint machines, spray paint guns, air spray guns, pneumatics. Double diaphragm pump, automatic mixing pressure conveyor, electrostatic powder spraying equipment, new powder spraying equipment, flame powder painting system and so on. Some outdated equipment is gradually being replaced by new paint sprayers. Take the current new sprayer, which is qualitatively different from the traditional spray paint method.

The traditional paint sprayers uses compressed air to atomize the coating. The spraying speed of the coating is generally 10 m / s. Such a fast spraying speed leads to overspray and severe rebound of the coating, and brings back a large amount of paint molecules to cause the coating. The four are scattered, which not only wastes a lot of paint, but also causes serious pollution to the air, and the surface of the coating is prone to paralysis. Since the recoil force during spraying is not easy to adhere to the corners and edges of the workpiece, it is necessary to spray more time, causing sag on the nearby surface.