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Features of Airless Spraying Machine

Nov 13, 2019

Features of airless spraying machine

1. Wide application scope

The coatings applicable to air spraying can be airless spraying. For air spraying can not be applicable to high viscosity coating, touch sensitive thick film coating, because no air spraying pressure is higher, can also be sprayed construction.

2. High coating effect

Color tile, steel structure airless spray machine each gun can spray 3-5m2/min, especially suitable for large area, big object painting, greatly improve labor productivity, its spraying effect is manual brush coating 10 times, air spraying 3 times.

3. Good coating quality

The high spray speed and strong penetration of the coating increase the interface adhesion between the coating and the substrate. At the same time, emulsion paint spray machine, steel structure spray machine, color tile spray machine to eliminate the compressed air moisture, dust impurities on the quality of the coating, so the high pressure airless spray coating adhesion and appearance quality are better.

4. Good coating effect

Paint mist deposition rate as high as 85%, and general air spray is only 60%. For the base parts of complex shape, because there is no compressed air flow in the paint spray, it can avoid the shielding effect of air flow rebound on the paint fog deposition in the corner, such as the corner crevice, and has a good coating effect.