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Buy a putty sprayer and remember that these points are enough!

Jun 25, 2019

Buy a putty sprayer and remember that these points are enough!

Later, with the continuous research of people and the constant innovation of science and technology, the putty spraying machine was born in the society as an emerging putty construction machine, and with its high efficiency of construction, it can reduce the labor intensity, and it is safe to construct. Moreover, the advantages of saving raw materials are becoming more and more popular in the society, and many construction bosses are eager to buy machines, but they still don’t know much about how to buy a putty sprayer. Here are some purchases for everyone. Key points, hope can help everyone!

1. According to the engineering requirements, it is clear what kind of putty and construction requirements should be sprayed. If the putty sprayer does not meet the construction requirements, then only hand scraping can be used.
2, consider the price, you can learn more about the price of several manufacturers' machines on the Internet, compare them to each other,
3, business choices, try to choose domestic machines, if the machine is broken, then the accessories are good to replace and the price is cheaper than imported (the quality of domestic machines is also constantly improving).
4, observe the professional level of sales, if the sales are not professional, after-sales service is definitely a mess.
5. Whether the consulting company is a formal company. If you do not know the company, you can ask the company whether there is a physical store, ask the company to issue a business license, tax certificate, or ask whether you can open a VAT ticket.
6, payment methods, pay attention to pay, you can go to Taobao Alibaba regular channels, take Alipay, third-party platform, in case the machine is wrong, you can apply for a refund, do not directly pay, unless you know the old The seller can also pay only part of the payment and the balance is paid.
7, after-sales protection, must ask whether there is no guarantee after the sale, whether it can be returned, there is no warranty card, the process of after-sales service is what, if there is a spray machine and the pump body wearing parts are warranty is better Ask the phone after the sale, see if the phone can get through, so that there is one more guarantee.

I hope that the above summary points can help the majority of friends who want to buy machines!

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