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Automatic mortar spraying machine

Feb 01, 2016

Connected power Hou, first electric main motor, check rubber spiral rotating direction whether consistent, as not consistent, that to replacement power phase line (each again received power Shi are to for this items check) received good conveying hose and the nozzle, to hopper joined water 5L, started motor will clear pump out, to wet Hopper, pump body and the conveying hose, will water most pump out Hou that downtime. Join PuTTY or paint spray to boot into the hopper (should start and open the air valve of the air compressor) is prohibited without material Hopper, State anhydrous idling. Work to drain away hopper rest and enough water into the hopper, cleaning the hopper, and turn the pump off, cleaning the hose and nozzle, until the pump is full of water, so as to avoid residual material hose kind of solidified, plug the hoses and spray nozzles. Downtime for too long will wipe clean the machine, and remove the pressure screw, after oiling, properly when reinstalled.