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Characteristics And Application Of High Pressure Airless Spraying

Mar 18, 2020

Characteristics and application of high-pressure airless spraying

High-pressure airless spraying can use high viscosity paint, large area spraying rate up to 4m2/min-7m2/min, high production efficiency. Spraying on the paint without compressed air mixing, the phenomenon of paint fog bounce off less than air spraying, reduce the paint consumption, improve the environmental pollution.

High-pressure airless spraying paint quantity and paint mist fineness is not soft enough, coating thickness is not easy to control. Fine decorative film spraying is not as fine as air spraying.

Generally, it is suitable for the mass production of single type coating with high viscosity and workpiece with the simple shape and large surface area. It is widely used in shipbuilding, container, steel structural parts, building internal and external walls, large pipes and other industries.