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Analysis of mortar spraying machine building industry development prospect

Feb 01, 2016

Mortar spraying machine working principle is very simple

Mortar spray machine work principle, mixing good of material by distribution mixer unloading mouth (or artificial mix material and Shang material), after vibration screen network supply to spray machine hopper in the, by spiral sent material rollers to high pressure room, again by high pressure rotor, and high pressure stator rotating formed high pressure, put mortar after high pressure conveying tube sent to gun in, by gun introduced another a unit high pressure wind, put material blow bulk, and accelerated Jet out, uniform of spray in wall surface Shang.

Prolong the service life of the coating. While mortar spraying machine was a very high machine efficiency, this machine appears to us a more convenient place, it not only reduces the worker, but also meet the requirements of the national painting standard, is a labor-saving machine, time, water, and materials. Using mortar spraying machine sprayed walls very evenly and smooth, avoid scratches and some bad situations.