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Airless spray machine cleaning concrete norms

Feb 01, 2016

1th step: preparing for

Once you have completed your painting job, fill a bucket of paint, if you apply oil paint or water if thinner for LaTeX. Remove the air intake hose from sprayer, and place it in your liquid barrel. Trim inches in length to old brush you will need it later. Put on your gloves and collect the rest of your equipment, and then start again.

2nd step: empty paint

In your airless spray machine, any paint left over, you can paint can release, it still leaves any painting was saved. Be careful not to join any paint thinner. A second empty barrels, sprayed the remaining liquid until you have a clear and clean spray.

3rd step: cleaned

Remove 2 cups and fill an empty bucket and paint thinner, joining parts of a soak in a bucket. Soaking, add diluent to the cloth, you can use the whole wipe to remove any paint. Put your old brush, start scrubbing parts soaking in a bucket of paint. This should remove any residue left over.

4th step: filters and paint thinner

Now you can use a clean cloth, clear the filter used paint thinner to the original container.