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Air spray and artificial painting

Jun 27, 2019

Air spray and artificial painting

There are two kinds of construction methods for wall painting, one is airless spraying machine and the other is manual painting. The construction methods of these two wall coatings are also different in operation, so the construction effect is different. . So what are the differences between the two types of wall paints? Which way to make the wall paint will work well?

We must first know what is painting?

Brush painting is the use of a brush, which is a flat effect, but there will be a brush mark on the front brushed with a brush. In order to minimize the brush marks, the soft wool brush is used in the decoration process. When painting, it is also very important to add water to it. The ratio of water addition is preferably between 20% and 30%, and must not exceed 35%. If the added water exceeds this ratio, brush it out. The paint will have problems such as powder removal, bottom leakage and floating color.

So what is airless spray paint?

Painting is the use of Rongpeng airless spraying machine for wall construction, this way to make the wall paint:

1. The quality of the paint film is good. The coating is smooth and fine without brush marks.

2. High coating efficiency. Single-handed spraying efficiency is 10-15 times that of manual brushing.

3, good adhesion, long coating life. High-pressure jetting enables the atomized paint particles to obtain powerful kinetic energy; the paint particles are used to absorb the kinetic energy into the pores to make the paint film denser and effectively extend the life of the coating.

4. The thickness of the paint film is uniform and the utilization rate of the paint is high. The thickness of the artificial brush roller is extremely uneven, generally 30-250 micrometers, and the coating utilization rate is low; and the air-free spray coating is easy to obtain a coating having a thickness of 30 micrometers.

5, easy to reach the corners and gaps. The high-pressure airless spray, the paint spray does not contain air, the paint easily reaches the corners, the gaps and the uneven and difficult parts of the brush, etc. It is more suitable for the office ceiling with many air-conditioning fire pipes.

6, can spray high-viscosity coatings, while hand brush, air spray, etc. are only suitable for low-viscosity coatings. Water-based latex paint, because it is non-toxic, easy to clean, rich in color, and does not pollute the environment.

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