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Advantage of Airless Sprayer

Nov 12, 2018

Advantages of airless sprayer

1. The paint saves more than 30%. After testing, the airless spray paint transfer efficiency is up to 78%. Compared with the traditional air spray, the paint save rate is as high as 37%. The initial investment cost of airless spray is higher than the traditional air spray. However, the actual payback period is quite short.

2. The paint fog rebounds low. Since the airless spray can completely atomize the paint without high air pressure, almost no paint mist can be scattered and rebounded during spraying, which can not only reduce the health of the operator. Hazard can reduce pollution to the environment.

3. The production speed is fast, and the film thickness of the airless spray is thicker, so that the actual operation does not need to be repeatedly sprayed, thereby reducing the possibility of overspray, and the whole spraying process is smooth and uninterrupted, so that the work efficiency is higher.

Airless Paint Sprayers EP205